Privacy Policy

The content, methods, arenas, references, third party links on are only meant for the main reason of better communication reference and info. Any type of specifics collected by us is vital from the viewpoint of business. Though we gather any info or collection it for future usage, we take preeminent care of the privacy and confidentiality of the details provided. Alleviate Technologies, we reverence your requirement for online privacy and secure any Personal data that you may share with us, in a suitable way. Our preparation as respects use of your Personal info is as set out under in this Privacy Policy Statement. As any condition to use of AlleviateTech Software Services, you agreement to the terms of the Privacy Policy Statement it may be updated from any time. This Privacy Policy Declaration applies to and its connected websites.

How to secure your information

We don’t effort to disclose any type of information provided by you in any way. The only one reason we collect your individual details is to help us establish ready communication with you, in this process we take all the possible methods to use the information in most In this process, we take all the possible methods to use the info in most accurate way, so that their remains no risks of any type of information escape.
However going through the site you can find few customs arenas asking for your info like that name, contact number, email id etc. Our privacy policy guarantees you that any details occupied or information arrived in the form will, by any resources or conditions, not be misused, traded, and lent. We don't trade, charge or share it with any third party and do not misuse any of the info provided by you in any manner.

Third Party Links

The site may be including links to third party sites. This addition of links does not mean that recommends the site's policy to the visitor's privacy. Although landing on a site that is linked to our website, you should review the privacy policy of that site before you exchange any details or any material with them.